Find out how GSU is fighting fast fashion and promoting sustainability with students on campus

Find out how GSU is fighting fast fashion and promoting sustainability with students on campus

April 5, 20212 min read

Sustainability Programs at Georgia Southern University recently teamed up with student organization Fashion Menagerie, a group of fashion merchandising and apparel design students, to fight fast fashion by hosting the first campus thrift store on the Statesboro Campus.

Fast fashion is a textile trend where clothes are mass-produced to be quickly sold and thrown away.

“Tons of textile waste gets dumped from people throwing away their clothes, even the ones that are lightly used, but more clothing is constantly being produced,” said Geneisa Ragin, president of Fashion Menagerie. “This thrift store can help our campus prevent that increase of waste and give students a sustainable way to donate and shop that can discourage fast fashion production.”

Cami Sockow, Sustainability Programs coordinator, said in addition to being wasteful, fast fashion is often characterized by poor work conditions, such as underpayment, child labor, physical and verbal abuse, and working long hours.

“The social costs of fast fashion are immensely under discussed,” Sockow said. “We largely leave out the social conversation when we discuss sustainability, but this is a great example of how many social costs ensue with our addiction to consumption. So while we pay a low economic cost, we need to start asking ourselves if it is worth the social and environmental ones.”

Clothing donors received shopping credits at the thrift store for each item they donate. The thrift store also gave shopping credits for donations of nonperishable food items, hygiene products and cleaning supplies to the Eagle Essentials Food Pantry.

On campus programs like this provide perspective and lived experiences from students and faculty – and if you are a journalist looking to know more about Georgia Southern’s Sustainability Programs – then let us help.

Cami Sockow and Geneisa Ragin are available for interviews — simply reach out to Georgia Southern Director of Communications Jennifer Wise at to set and time and date.

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