SUU Departments Collaborate on New Horror Film, Far Remote

SUU Departments Collaborate on New Horror Film, Far Remote

May 6, 20211 min read

Far Remote, a horror film project directed by Peter Sham, is the story of an obsessed professor who uses a study abroad trip to get revenge on the white creature who compromised her innocence many years before, endangering her student’s lives. Far Remote is loosely adapted from the classic tale of Melville’s Moby Dick reimagined for a pandemic world. It also includes recognizable faculty and staff from different departments across campus.

“The pandemic was actually the biggest inspiration for my writing and directing the film," said Sham. "I desperately wanted to find a project that would be challenging, new, exciting, and most importantly, enjoyable for our students to be a part of during this most difficult of academic years. I wanted to adapt Moby Dick into a pretty much all female cast. I began to reimagine the story as a study abroad trip that goes wrong. What would happen if an obsessed faculty member used one that goes to Romania for the purposes of revenge? That was all I needed to get started! During Christmas break, I devised the treatment and began writing in February. I wrote the screenplay in 13 days and we began shooting the film the second week of March!”

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  • Peter Sham
    Peter Sham Professor of Theatre Arts

    Specializing in Suzuki movement, directing and producing musical theatre, and character development for actors

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