Covering the cicadas across America? Let our expert help.

Covering the cicadas across America? Let our expert help.

June 22, 20211 min read

This spring, Americans have been captivated, curious and even bugged out by the trillion cicadas that finally emerged from 17 years underground to enjoy a loud month of mating calls, feverish breeding and egg laying, all before passing into that good night.

Brood X, as it is called, emerged this year as one of the largest on record. Scientists estimate their population to be about a trillion – and numbers like that won’t be seen until the next generation re-emerges in another 17 years.

The bugs are harmless, and the story behind their behavior is truly unique – and there’s a lot to know about cicadas before they expire by June’s end.

  • What do cicadas do underground for 17 years?
  • Will climate change alter the behavior of the cicadas?
  • Why do they only emerge every decade and a half?
  • Why are they so loud?
  • What characteristics do they display when they emerge?
  • What can scientists learn as each brood surfaces?

There’s a lot to ask, and if you’re looking to cover or learn more – then let our experts help.

Dr. Josephine Antwi is an entomologist at the University of Mary Washington and is the go-to expert on this buzzing breed and other insects. Dr. Antwi is available to speak with media regarding cicadas, simply click on her icon now to arrange an interview today.

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