Clean, Silent Energy Whenever You Need It

Clean, Silent Energy Whenever You Need It

July 13, 20212 min read

Sitting on the dock on a quiet evening, it’s easy to take electricity for granted. It’s silent, odourless, and always available… until the power goes out.

Francois Byrne is an engineer who has spent years developing power backup and replacement systems that work silently and with no fumes, supplying power when the hydro grid goes down, and even replacing that grid entirely with a solar- or wind-powered battery system.

He is the owner of Hybrid Power Solutions. “We’re a Canadian manufacturer, specializing in attractive, easy-to-use power systems that work seamlessly and supply as much power as our customers need, no matter where they are,” says Francois.

That might mean powering tools and equipment on a construction site or a mine located far from the electrical grid, or a military site or a film shoot where the noise of generators is unacceptable. And it can mean powering a bunkie that’s beyond reach of hydro lines, or providing silent backup power for homes and cottages.

Power Tower

For whole-home power supplies, Francois recommends the Power Tower.

“Our Power Tower is a scalable system that’s incredibly easy to use,” says Francois. “There’s no maintenance, no fuel to buy. You simply wire it in to your home and forget about it.”

Solar panels allow the Tower to supply power regardless of whether the electrical grid is operating. “It’s a great way to help offset the cost of hydro or get completely off the grid,” Francois explains, adding that wind turbines can also feed in to the Power Tower. “And when the power grid goes down because of a storm or some other reason, the system just keeps on supplying energy.”

“It’s a power backup system that actually pays for itself over time.”

Whole home or portable options

The Power Tower is capable of offering 6,000 watts of continuous power and up to 18,000 watts of surge power at 120- and 240-volts, plenty of power to make true off-grid living a reality. As many as 15 lithium-ion batteries can be connected to the wall-mounted control unit.

“We work directly with our customers to help them find the best power solution for their situation,” says Francois.

Hybrid Power Solutions also offers smaller, more portable units that are suitable for boats and trailers and RVs, as well as smaller cabins and bunkies.

“You still want power when you’re at the lake or in the woods, but you want it to be silent,” says Francois. “That’s what we supply. No fumes, no noise, no fuss – just clean, reliable electricity wherever you need it to be.”

Originally published in Muskoka Life Magazine.

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