A holiday in crisis? Let our expert explain what lies ahead as America tries to unravel its supply chain issues

A holiday in crisis? Let our expert explain what lies ahead as America tries to unravel its supply chain issues

October 27, 20212 min read

Prices are going up, shipments are being delayed and there are shortages of good and essential parts and pieces hindering almost every aspect of industry and manufacturing across America.

The topic is getting attention from media outlets across the country as retailers and shoppers adapt to the problem.

Hasbro Inc (HAS.O) said on Tuesday global supply chain disruptions cost it about $100 million in lost toy orders in the third quarter, and the company warned of a further hit to sales during the crucial holiday shopping season.

While demand has surged over the last year, factory shutdowns, a lack of container ships and long port delays have fueled fears of a shortage of toys to put under Christmas trees during the holiday season. October 26 - Reuters

Amazon on Monday reassured shoppers and industry watchers that it’s well-prepared to avoid supply-chain challenges during the holiday season.

In a blog post, Amazon said a combination of planes, trucks, ships and delivery vans, along with staffed-up warehouses, has put it in a good position to “get customers what they want, when they want it, wherever they are this holiday season.”

Retailers are entering what’s poised to be a particularly challenging holiday shopping period, due to existing supply-chain woes, inflationary pressures and labor shortages. Several factors are behind the issues, including skyrocketing shipping container costs and container shortages, Covid-19 outbreaks at shipping ports, as well as a shortage of workers needed to unload containers and handle goods at warehouses. October 25 - CNBC

The United States is facing a supply chain crisis that it has never seen before. Some are blaming COVID, trade deals and shipping. The issue is causing serious trouble for America’s already fragile economy. If you’re a journalist covering this important topic let our experts help with your questions and stories.

Georgia Southern University's Jerry Burke, Ph.D., is a professor in the Department of Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Burke researches manufacturing and service operations. He is available to speak with media regarding this important issue - simply click on his icon now to arrange an interview.

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