Environmental governance expert Prof Heike Schroeder to attend COP26

Environmental governance expert Prof Heike Schroeder to attend COP26

October 28, 20211 min read

A number of climate experts from the University of East Anglia will be attending the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow.

Their areas of expertise range from the impact of climate change on biodiversity, climate geoengineering and carbon removal, to the impact of climate change on sovereign credit ratings, carbon uptake by the oceans, and gender and climate change.

Prof Heike Schroeder, from UEA's School of International Development, will attend COP in its second week, from November 7, as principle investigator for the INDIS project on Indigenous visions of sustainable development & climate resilience.

Prof Schroeder's research and expertise covers global environmental politics, forest governance and REDD+, the international climate negotiations, urban climate governance, indigenous peoples/knowledge and sustainable development.

The team will be showing how Indigenous knowledge might contribute towards national and international targets for climate mitigation, adaptation, and sustainable development.

The value of Indigenous knowledge is often ignored by policy-makers, and Indigenous Peoples themselves have few opportunities to articulate and share their knowledge in a way that can impact policy making circles and strengthen sustainable futures.

The project’s Indigenous partners from three countries (Uganda, Papua New Guinea, and Bolivia) will be presenting their own visions for just and environmentally sensitive futures.

Where: Exhibit slot in the green zone on Mon, 8 Nov 1:00-2:30pm. The project will also have a slot in the IASS Pavilion in the Blue Zone in Week 2 covering findings and outputs.

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