Online and efficient - Georgia Southern students save more than $748,000 with digital textbook program

Online and efficient - Georgia Southern students save more than $748,000 with digital textbook program

December 21, 20212 min read

When students collectively save $748,925 in one semester and have easy access to textbooks on the first day of classes, coupled with Georgia Southern’s University Store’s ability to provide lower costs to students and avoid inventory delays, it’s a win-win for the campus community.

The University-hosted Day1Access (D1A) program, a digital textbook model in collaboration with top publishers to reduce the cost of required course materials, ensures that all D1A materials are delivered at the lowest possible cost to the student – even lower than buying the material directly from the publisher.

“The program itself grew out of the need to lower required materials cost and allow students to acquire that material on the first day of school,” said Derick Robertson, interim director for retail services at Georgia Southern. “Instructors no longer worry if the students have what they need and are ready to teach day one. We have allowed Day1Access to grow organically with instructors who see the benefits in the delivery method. Parents appreciate not having to search for their students’ material elsewhere for the cheapest option. The University Store appreciates the ease of delivery and not waiting on inventory to show up and running out of materials. In the end parents win, instructors win, students win and the University wins.”

Through a partnership with Willo Labs, a leading digital resource provider, the program allows students to purchase their course material and have all the resources they need to begin their studies without having to visit the store. Access for all students begins the first day of class, with the option to opt-out of purchasing through the drop/add period. Each course utilizing D1A materials has received approval to digitally deliver required course materials to students from the instructor of that course.

“The University Store is always looking to lower costs to students and provide the best service to the students of Georgia Southern University,” said Robertson. “Through Day1Access students have the required material they need at the cheapest price possible. As more departments adopt D1A the savings will continue to grow.”

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