Cryptocurrency risks and rewards

Cryptocurrency risks and rewards Cryptocurrency risks and rewards

May 31, 20221 min read

Cryptocurrency might be the future of all global commerce, or a complete scam, depending on who you ask.

That said, the cryptocurrency market reached $1.7 billion in 2021. So, there's no denying its importance to modern investors and businesses.

Stephen Taylor, an assistant professor of finance at NJIT's Martin Tuchman School of Management, can speak cogently about the issues and risks of cryptocurrency, including:

  • Blackmailing scams
  • Fake exchanges
  • Money laundering
  • Black market purchases
  • Investment scams

In particular, Taylor brings expertise in quantitative and computational finance and predictive modeling using the Python programming language. He also has real-world experience, having worked in financial services at Morgan Stanley and Bloomberg.

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  • Stephen Taylor
    Stephen Taylor Assistant Professor of Finance, MT School of Management

    Stephen Taylor's interests are at the intersection of the application of mathematics, statistics, finance and data analysis/visualization.

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