Will out of this world ideas be the next big thing for Florida's tourism industry?

Will out of this world ideas be the next big thing for Florida's tourism industry?

May 13, 20221 min read

Look up. That's where you may find the next billion-dollar tourism idea in America.

Space tourism seems to be the next frontier for the industry to conquer. With a price tag of at least $50,000 per customer, the potential is huge.

With companies like World View test launching in Florida and Space Perspective already headquartered in the Sunshine State, Florida is on the verge of being a destination for tourists looking to go out of this world.

The concept sounds impressive, but there still are questions:

• Will customers line up for a $50,000 price-point?

• How big (or small) is the market for potential customers?

• Is it safe and what are the liabilities?

• And, if it takes off, what will the ripple effect be for Florida with an influx of high-end tourists?

If you are a journalist covering the potential impact of space tourism in Florida, let us help.

Peter Ricci, Ph.D., is a clinical associate professor and director of the Hospitality and Tourism Management program in Florida Atlantic University’s College of Business. He is a hospitality industry veteran with more than 20 years of managerial experience in segments including food service, lodging, incentive travel and destination marketing.

Peter is available to speak with the media about space-travel tourism as well as other topics such as the labor shortage in hospitality and tourism. Simply click on his icon to arrange an interview.

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    Peter Ricci, Ed.D. Clinical Professor and Director

    Peter Ricci is an expert in food service, lodging, incentive travel, and destination marketing.

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