MEDIA RELEASE: Manitobans can vote on Worst Roads in province

MEDIA RELEASE: Manitobans can vote on Worst Roads in province

October 18, 20222 min read

WINNIPEG, March 20, 2019 – Manitobans from across the Province rely on the existing road network to travel each and every day. Whether you are driving, cycling, walking or taking public transit, many of these roads are in a state of disrepair. Today, representatives from Bike Winnipeg join CAA Manitoba in encouraging all road users to focus on safety and infrastructure challenges when they vote on their

Worst Roads for 2019.

“Everyone has a role to play in making our roads safer, and that’s why we want to hear from all Manitobans about their concerns,” says CAA Manitoba president Tim Scott. “Our annual CAA Worst Roads campaign has influenced change for over seven years by taking input and bridging the public’s interest in the state of good repair of our roads and bridges. In fact, a recent survey of CAA Manitoba

members showed that 90 per cent of respondents were concerned about the state of Manitoba’s roads. Moreover, nearly 75 per cent of CAA Members believe that not enough is being done to maintain roads, and that repairs are not occurring in a timely fashion.”

Best in class asset management includes prioritizing connectivity for commuters, fixing infrastructure, focusing on safer roads, and includes cycling lanes and increasing transit options. A well-balanced road user program will reduce the wear and tear on Manitoba’s infrastructure and taxpayers’ pocketbooks.

“Properly maintained roads and a healthy transportation system translates into safer travels, a healthier economy, and efficient delivery of goods and services,” says Raymond Chan, Government Relations, CCG Club Group. “From our analysis, further delay in road repairs leads to greater costs for governments and has a direct financial impact to the public.”

Worst Roads are classified as having potholes, crumbling pavement, poor road signage, limited or nonexistent cycling or walking infrastructure, traffic congestion, or limited crossing opportunities.

Mark Cohoe, Executive Director of Bike Winnipeg, sees a variety of issues that need attention. “When people vote in the CAA Worst Roads campaign, they should think of how the roads affect people walking and cycling along our streets as well as those driving along them. Potholes are very dangerous for someone on a bike, and new bike facilities provide a tremendous improvement in safety, comfort, and connectivity. That’s where CAA’s Worst Roads campaign comes in – people on bikes can have their voice heard on infrastructure safety by nominating roads,” says Cohoe.

Voting runs until midnight on April 16, 2019. Manitobans can nominate their Worst Road online at or through the CAA app. Voters can identify themselves as motorists, cyclists, pedestrians or transit riders and pinpoint a particular stretch of the road for crumbling infrastructure, safety and congestion.

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