MEDIA RELEASE: Taylor Avenue in Winnipeg voted Manitoba’s Worst Road

MEDIA RELEASE: Taylor Avenue in Winnipeg voted Manitoba’s Worst Road

October 18, 20222 min read

Winnipeg, MB, June 3, 2021 – The votes have been tabulated and the CAA Manitoba Worst Road for 2021 is Taylor Avenue in Winnipeg, making it’s debut on the Top 10 list due to potholes and crumbling infrastructure.

Taking the second spot is Provincial Road 307 and another debut in third spot is Provincial Road 250.

“Everyone is affected by the quality of our roadways. Potholes and crumbling pavement continue to be the most critical issue identified by Manitoba motorists, followed by traffic congestion, ” says Heather Mack, government and community relations manager, CAA Manitoba. “Cyclists and pedestrians accounted for 10% of the votes and pointed to potholes, poor cycling infrastructure, and sidewalk obstructions as top concerns.”

This year’s top 10 list had a significant turnover with more provincial highways topping the list and Winnipeg streets falling off the list due to the City of Winnipeg significantly investing in road renewal since 2015.

There were nearly 3000 votes cast in the 2021 CAA Manitoba Worst Roads campaign. A total of 421 roads were nominated spanning 55 municipalities across Manitoba. The CAA Worst Roads campaign is a platform for Manitobans to make roads safer by helping municipal and provincial governments understand what roadway improvements are important to citizens, and where they need to be made.

For the full list of the 2021 Worst Roads, please visit

The top 10 CAA Worst Roads in Manitoba this year are:

  1. Taylor Avenue, Winnipeg
  2. Provincial Road 307
  3. Provincial Road 250
  4. Provincial Road 450
  5. Trunk Highway 34
  6. Saskatchewan Avenue, Winnipeg
  7. St. James Street, Winnipeg
  8. Sherwin Road, Winnipeg
  9. Waller Ave, Winnipeg
  10. Empress Street, Winnipeg

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