Tulane expert available to discuss Pelosi trip to Taiwan

Tulane expert available to discuss Pelosi trip to Taiwan

August 2, 20221 min read

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi touched down in Taiwan Tuesday, and an international relations expert from Tulane University expects a swift response from China, which claims the island nation as its own territory.

“The Chinese will certainly respond,” said Chris Fettweis, an associate professor of political science. “This will likely be in the form of military maneuvers, increased flyovers and missile drills. And we will have to respond to those actions.”

Fettweis said he does think tensions will calm but there is no guarantee. “Periods of raised tensions always run the risk of miscalculations,” he said.

Fettweis is available for media interviews and can be reached at fettweis@tulane.edu.

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    Christopher Fettweis Associate Professor

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