Engineering and Technology Professor’s Textbook is Translated into Chinese

Engineering and Technology Professor’s Textbook is Translated into Chinese

November 18, 20222 min read

Dr. Richard Cozzens, director of Thunderworks Innovation Center and associate professor of engineering at Southern Utah University, has over 17 years of professional experience in the engineering and higher education industries. Dr. Cozzens began his career as an engineer with Boeing Company. Three degrees and years of rigorous training later, he has written the handbook for young engineers looking to go into similar fields of aerospace and mechanical engineering.

“When the CATIA program originally came out, I saw an opportunity and created the curriculum myself. The first edition of the CATIA V5 Workbook that I wrote was published in 2001, and I’ve been editing every new edition since,” Dr. Cozzens said. “The publishers have stuck with the 2017 edition, but it’s been implemented into the curriculum at over 110 institutions.”

Released in 1982, CATIA stands for Computer Aided Three-Dimensional Implemented Application, a multi-platform software suite used by engineers for a myriad of design and manufacturing purposes. Along with being a helpful tool for engineers to model, design, and manage designs, it’s all computer-aided. Dr. Cozzens’ CATIA textbook is not only used in universities but it is also used in training programs for high-end engineering companies for their students. Boeing and Honda are two such examples. And the book’s influence is spreading globally as well.

“The book has been translated into two other languages. It’s being taught at the University of Wuhan and recently, a version of the book was released where the curriculum is written in English and Chinese together. The book also provides video instruction where I teach what the students just read in a video demonstration,” Dr. Cozzens added.

By meshing practical application with standard textbook teaching practices, Dr. Cozzens has provided countless students worldwide with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their classes and be successful in their respective engineering and technology careers.

The CATIA V5 Workbook is available for purchase on and university bookstores.

Dr. Cozzens is familiar with the media and is available for an interview. Simply visit his profile.

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