Exploring the role of social media in fomenting hatred and prejudice in society

Exploring the role of social media in fomenting hatred and prejudice in society

September 1, 20231 min read

Each day, it feels like there's a new social media platform to join, the latest one being Threads. While social media like Threads, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Facebook can be a space to bring people from different corners of the world together, it has also become a way to spread hatred and prejudice.

Kassra Oskooii, associate professor of political science and international relations at the University of Delaware, studies the interplay between contextual and psychological determinants of political opinions on minority groups. He recently published work examining at how social media news consumption over the last two presidential cycles has heightened anti-Muslim views.

He noted that social media works by creating information bubbles that echo and amplify views, and when political information is left unregulated, individuals can be exposed to false and prejudicial content that can shape their views toward marginalized groups.

Oskooii's research was recently cited in the 2023 Economic Report of the President. He can speak about the role that social media continues to play on politics and everyday society.

To arrange an interview, simply click on Professor Oskooii's profile and press the contact button.

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  • Kassra Oskooii
    Kassra Oskooii Associate Professor, American Politics, Political Psychology and Race and Ethnic Politics; Director of Internships

    Prof. Oskooii's research expertise include political psychology, public opinion, voting rights and redistricting.

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