ChristianaCare Launches a New Speakers Bureau: Is This the Future of Healthcare Communications?

Oct 23, 2023

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Only just a few months after their win of an IABC Gold Quill Award (shared with ExpertFile), the ChristianaCare healthcare communications and digital team has once again made major moves to make their organization even more accessible to the community with the launch of their new ChristianaCare Speakers Bureau.

As one of the leading healthcare systems in the United States, Delaware based ChristianaCare is home to a wide variety of medical experts. Now live, the ChristianaCare Speakers Bureau features 80 experts who are currently available for speaking engagements on a wide variety of health topics including: Aging and Senior Health, Cancer, Children’s Health, COVID-19, Diabetes, Pregnancy and Childbirth. Sports Medicine, Stroke, Weight Management and Women’s Health.

Designed with the ExpertFile platform, the ChristianaCare Speakers Bureau provides easy discovery and access to experts, including their biographies, downloadable photographs, samples of past presentations, languages spoken and more. The site can be viewed here.

Screenshot from the new ChristianaCare Speakers Bureau launched Aug. 2023.  The site provides easy discovery and access to experts, with the ability to search by topics and keywords.  Detailed profiles for experts include biographies, downloadable photographs, samples of past presentations, languages spoken and more.   

How a Speakers Bureau boosts thought leadership

A Speaker's Bureau is an initiative within an organization that assembles a team of expert speakers who can represent the organization and speak authoritatively on its behalf.  While media appearances are often the core focus for experts in organizations, a Speakers Bureau opens up additional opportunities to speak at events such as in-person conferences, webinars, podcasts. Speakers ideally represent a diverse group of professionals from within the organization, and can share their knowledge, insights, and experiences on a range of topics relevant to the organization's mission, values, and field of work. Through event appearances, these experts help to enhance the organization's visibility, foster community engagement, and solidify the organization's reputation as a thought leader in its field. Speakers Bureaus provide effective and efficient way to promote the organization's initiatives, achievements, and viewpoints to the wider public.

Creating New Connections Between Experts and the Community

Following a string of successes that followed the launch of their ChristianaCare Experts site that resulted in major increases in national media coverage and SEO performance, the formation of a Speakers Bureau was a smart move that will further extend the reach of the ChristianaCare brand.  Events provide an excellent way to connect meaningfully with a wider audience to help ChristianaCare make progress on key goals such as delivering effective community health education and improving healthcare equity.

“At ChristianaCare, our mission of service to the community includes a commitment to provide timely, accurate health information so that people can make informed decisions about their health,” said Karen Browne, vice president of marketing and communications. “Through our new speakers bureau, we’ve expanded our capacity to meet these needs in the community.”

The Benefits of a Speakers Bureau

Given the fragmentation of traditional media channels and the massive growth in events such as webinars and podcasts, Speakers Bureaus are fast gaining popularity as a proven way to personify your organization and build a stronger connection to your brand.  So far the ChristianaCare Speakers Bureau appears to be off to a solid start. 

"We had a huge response to our media release when we launched earlier this week and in the first day alone we had multiple organizations sending speaking opportunities for our medical experts.  We're also seeing a great response internally as more of our experts requested to join the Speakers Bureau once it went live," said Hiran Ratnayake, Senior Manager of Media Relations at ChristianaCare who played a key role in developing the Speakers Bureau with his colleagues Shane Hoffman, Communications Director and Tom Hendrich - Senior Digital Content Editor at ChristianaCare.  

Is a Speakers Bureau Right For Your Organization?

Here are some key benefits to consider in determining if a speakers bureau makes sense for your organization:

Bolsters Community Engagement: An active Speaker's Bureau helps create a bridge between your organization and the community you serve.

Promotes Diversity and Inclusion: A Speaker's Bureau offers an exciting opportunity to showcase the diverse voices and unique experiences within your organization.

Enhances Organizational Visibility: The increased exposure at events can lead to greater recognition in the industry, more opportunities for collaborations, and ultimately, a wider reach for your healthcare services. It also is a proven way to boost SEO pagerank and domain authority in search engines and also provides a lot of additional content for your social channels.

Develops Professional Skills: For healthcare professionals who participate, a Speakers Bureau offers an excellent opportunity to develop public speaking skills, foster leadership abilities, and establish themselves as thought leaders in their respective fields.

Facilitates Knowledge Sharing: A Speaker's Bureau cultivates a more dynamic learning environment, which can lead to new ideas, innovations, and improved patient care within your organization.

Strengthens Crisis Management Readiness: Having a pool of trained speakers ready to contribute can be incredibly beneficial in times of crisis. These professionals can help your communications team more effectively communicate critical information to the public, media, and other stakeholders.

Enhances Employee Engagement: Employees who are given the opportunity to share their knowledge and represent their organization publicly, often feel more valued and invested in their work.

Going Beyond the Walls of Your Medical Facility

In the constantly evolving world of healthcare, accurate and timely information is critical to informed patient decisions and effective treatments. Organizations such as ChristianaCare understand that their role as a prominent healthcare system is to deliver information that extends beyond their immediate medical responsibilities. It’s simply no longer adequate to provide care within the walls of a medical facility. Today there is a critical demand for a more engaged approach, requiring hospitals and healthcare systems to leverage their in-house expertise for community education.  A more informed community, armed with knowledge, which can make empowered decisions about their healthcare.

While the public has an abundance of medical information at their fingertips, to help them participate more actively in their healthcare, much of the information found on social media today often lacks clarity, context, and credibility, leading to confusion and misinterpretations. Healthcare experts, leaders, and executives can play a pivotal role in dispelling myths and offering credible, evidence-based insights.

An engaged, approachable healthcare professional is a reassuring sight, reinforcing the community’s faith in the system. It’s a win-win for these experts and the healthcare institution they represent. And most importantly it's a win for the communities they serve, as people identify potential health issues earlier, adopt healthier lifestyles, and reduce emergency hospital visits. This puts less burden on the region’s healthcare system, and better utilizes resources to reach a broader audience. After all, healthcare is not just about curing the sick; it’s about educating, engaging, and empowering the community for a healthier future.

Congratulations to the entire team at ChristianaCare for creating such a valuable resource for your community. And thank you for letting us be a part of this exciting journey.

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