Analysis of evacuations and preparedness as deadly wildfires continue to rage in Hawaii

Analysis of evacuations and preparedness as deadly wildfires continue to rage in Hawaii

August 10, 20231 min read

The University of Delaware's Disaster Research Center boasts several experts who can provide insight into preparedness, evacuation efforts and recovery in regards to the deadly wildfires that are ravaging Hawaii.

Tricia Wachtendorf: Evacuation decision-making, disaster response and coordination, disaster relief (donations) and logistics, volunteer and emergent efforts, social vulnerability.

James Kendra: Disaster response, nursing homes and hospitals, volunteers, response coordination.

Sarah DeYoung: Pets in emergencies, infant feeding in disasters and decision-making in evacuation. Specifically related to Hawaii: "Hawaii is really unique with animals because they have more progressive policies than many mainland states but of course, limited space."

Jennifer Trivedi: Challenges for people with disabilities during disaster, cultural issues and long-term recovery.

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  • Tricia Wachtendorf
    Tricia Wachtendorf Director / Professor, Disaster Research Center / Department of Sociology & Criminal Justice

    Prof. Wachtendorf expertise lies in the social, organizational, and decision-making aspects of disasters.

  • James Kendra
    James Kendra Director, Disaster Research Center; Professor, Biden School of Public Policy and Administration

    Prof. Kendra researches emergency planning and crisis management.

  • Jennifer Trivedi
    Jennifer Trivedi Assistant Professor, Anthropology; Core Faculty Member, Disaster Research Center

    Prof. Trivedi's research explores disaster vulnerability, response, recovery, resilience and decision-making.

  • Sarah DeYoung
    Sarah DeYoung Associate Professor, Sociology & Criminal Justice

    Prof. DeYoung's expertise is in maternal and child health in crisis and disaster settings, with a focus on infant feeding in emergencies.

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