Immediate and long-term recovery in post-earthquake Morocco

Immediate and long-term recovery in post-earthquake Morocco

September 11, 20231 min read

Sunday's earthquake in Morocco – the strongest to hit the center of the country in more than a century – has taken the lives of more than 2,500 people so far and leveled countless homes and businesses. Experts from the University of Delaware's Disaster Research Center can discuss various topics related to the tragedy.

  • Tricia Wachtendorf: Disaster relief and donations, and alignment post-disaster – i.e., making sure donations that aren't needed don't flood the supply chain. Wachtendorf can also discuss evacuation decision-making, volunteer efforts, disaster response and coordination.
  • Rachel Davidson: Can discuss building damage, and conducts research on natural disaster risk modeling and civil infrastructure systems. Davidson looks at lifelines (e.g., electric power, water supply) and risk from a regional perspective during and after earthquakes and other disasters.
  • Jennifer Horney: Environmental impacts of disasters and potential public health impacts for chronic and infectious diseases.
  • Sarah DeYoung: Dealing with unsolicited infant formula donations, and infant and maternal health. Can also discuss pets in emergencies, infant feeding in disasters and decision-making in evacuation.
  • Jennifer Trivedi: Long-term recovery and challenges for people with disabilities during disaster.

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  • Rachel Davidson
    Rachel Davidson Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Core Faculty, Disaster Research Center

    Prof. Davidson conducts research on natural disaster risk modeling and civil infrastructure systems.

  • Jennifer Horney
    Jennifer Horney Professor and Director, Epidemiology

    Jennifer Horney's research focuses on the health impacts of disasters and public health emergencies including climate change.

  • Sarah DeYoung
    Sarah DeYoung Associate Professor, Sociology & Criminal Justice

    Prof. DeYoung's expertise is in maternal and child health in crisis and disaster settings, with a focus on infant feeding in emergencies.

  • Tricia Wachtendorf
    Tricia Wachtendorf Director / Professor, Disaster Research Center / Department of Sociology & Criminal Justice

    Prof. Wachtendorf expertise lies in the social, organizational, and decision-making aspects of disasters.

  • Jennifer Trivedi
    Jennifer Trivedi Assistant Professor, Anthropology; Core Faculty Member, Disaster Research Center

    Prof. Trivedi's research explores disaster vulnerability, response, recovery, resilience and decision-making.

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