Where Will Millennials Take Us?

Where Will Millennials Take Us?

November 6, 20231 min read

They’ve been described as entitled, self-centered and shallow. “Selfie-stick wielding, ‘KeepingUp with the Kardashians’-watching, soft-in-the-middle whiners” – Psychology Today.

Worldwide, though, millennials (to whom also are attributed awesome characteristics like adaptability and creativity) are 1.8 billion strong, the most populated age group in modern history.

And they’re soon to be our political, economic and social leaders.

Where will they take us? How will their views shape our world?

Jared McDonald’s new book, Citizens of the World, Political Engagement and Policy Attitudes of Millennials Across the Globe, uses data to examine this generation, born into technology, the “war on terror,” global interconnectedness and high unemployment.

Published by Barnes & Noble in October 2022, the text looks at millennials’ attitudes about lifestyle, family life, gender roles, politics, religion and the future to better understand how governance might change under their leadership … and the influence they already wield.

Millennials are a hot topic ... and for better or worse always in the news it seems as journalists, employers, parents and even professors work to figure this generation out.

And if you'd like to know more - that where we can help.

Published author and Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, Jared McDonald is available to speak with media - simply click on his icon now to arrange an interview today.

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