MEDIA RELEASE: Dreaming of a career in travel? CAA is hiring!

MEDIA RELEASE: Dreaming of a career in travel? CAA is hiring!

April 2, 20242 min read

CAA Club Group of Companies (CCG) the parent organization of CAA South Central Ontario (SCO) and CAA Travel, is launching The CCG Travel Academy this spring to help bridge a skills gap that has been observed in the travel industry.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, CAA Travel leaders have increasingly noticed a gap in the quality of candidates seeking travel agent positions. This has made it hard to hire qualified people who provide the level of quality and care that CAA expects for its members and customers.

“CAA Travel is growing, and we want to ensure that we can continue to provide the top-quality service and expertise that we are known for,” said Catherine Sieniewicz, vice president, Travel and Retail, CAA Club Group of Companies. “As an organization with extensive experience in Associate training, learning, and development, we decided to build a customized, best-in-class program designed to train qualified travel agents from the ground up.”

Every year, CCG’s Learning and Development department delivers hundreds of in-house courses to foster Associate growth, many of which have been customized to fit unique business needs. The CCG Travel Academy is an extension of this longstanding approach to provide Associates with educational support throughout every stage of their career.

The CCG Travel Academy is a paid two-month program that will run twice in 2024 and then quarterly in 2025 onward, and includes a mix of classroom education and on-the-job training. New hires will automatically join the Academy that is scheduled closest to their hire date.

“Participants will gain fundamental industry knowledge, a deep understanding of CAA products and services, and the system and process training that is required to perform successfully in a travel role at CAA,” continued Sieniewicz.

Job shadowing and on-the-job practice will be woven throughout the program to help ensure that participants can expertly apply key learnings. Travel licencing (TICO) reimbursement will also be covered.

CAA has over 50 years of experience booking incredible vacations for Canadians. From a simple getaway to the trip of a lifetime, CAA is a travel company that makes sure travellers are well taken care of.

To join the inaugural cohort of agents in The CCG Travel Academy, visit our careers site and apply to one of our open travel roles.

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