Implementing a Data Management Platform

Implementing a Data Management Platform Implementing a Data Management Platform


With the explosion of marketing channels marketers are inundated with terabytes of data on your customers. Each touch point generates new data, so the question is, how do we sift through all this data efficiently in order to discover each customer’s needs and desires?

The Riverdale Group helps organizations integrate solutions that can collect and integrate data on anonymous and known audiences. The platform is a Data Management Platform which can help you make sense of the onslaught of customer data coming from online and offline channels. This platform can give you the ability to analyze all the data in one place and then act upon it in order to optimize your campaigns.

What is a Data Management Platform?

The most basic question we need to establish first is what is a Data Management Platform (DMP)? A DMP lets you collect and analyze data about your customers-including behavioural, geographic and profile data-from every touch point in one platform. The result is an integrated picture of all your data sources, from both your own first party data and third party. This step is crucial as it lets you activate that data and use it to target your respective audience with the utmost accuracy possible across a number of different marketing channels.

Furthermore, the right DMP lets you see how your resulting campaigns are performing in real time. It can let you optimize media buy and advertising creative on the fly. For the first time, companies can gain a true 360 degree view of your customer and how your campaign is performing- at truly reaching a specific audience in real time.

How does a Data Management Platform work?

A DMP essentially collects all your data from any touch point you have with your customer. This can be a digital touch point – your website, mobile app, marketing campaigns, social media etc. as well as offline – store information, call center inquiries. It also collects third party data. The DMP then creates audiences and uses data to push the audiences into buying /execution points.


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