What future awaits the Magic Kingdom?

What future awaits the Magic Kingdom?

The happiest place on earth, as of late has been empty and far from joyous.


In fact, Disney along with its parks, resorts, and cruise lines are in serious financial trouble.

Even Disney Plus, which has a record number of new subscribers is losing a Space Mountain size of money to cover production and start-up costs.


On Tuesday, Disney’s new chief executive, Bob Chapek, and Robert A. Iger, Disney’s executive chairman, will offer their first assessment of the damage. Disney is scheduled to report quarterly results after the stock market closes. Analysts are expecting per-share profit of 88 cents, down 45 percent.

The true scale of the pandemic’s impact on Disney will not be known until late summer, when Mr. Chapek reports results for the current quarter — the one in which Disney has furloughed an estimated 100,000 employees, slashed executive pay up to 50 percent and taken out a $5 billion line of credit to bolster its liquidity (on top of $8.25 billion secured in March). The Disney board must decide in June whether to pay the company’s usual summer dividend; management is unlikely to recommend it. May 04 – DNYUZ.com

So, what fate awaits Mickey and the crew at Disney?

As well, there are other companies like Six Flags and Universal that must also be suffering a similar pain.

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