Alcohol and Cancer: Canada's Guidance on Alcohol and Health

Alcohol and Cancer: Canada's Guidance on Alcohol and Health

The Canadian Centre for Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA) today released Canada’s updated Guidance on Health and Alcohol. I applaud CCSA for clearly stating what has been becoming evident over the past decade: alcohol is a carcinogen, linked to at least seven different types of cancer and 7,000 annual cancer deaths in Canada. When it comes to cancer prevention, it is best not to drink alcohol. There is no safe amount, and the risks are not outweighed by cardiac protection. For those who choose to drink, no more than two standard drinks a week is recommended, a significant decrease from previous recommendations.  

The updated guidance serves as a timely and vital public health resource, enabling us to have a better understanding of the health implications of alcohol and cancer risk. It includes clear recommendations, including a risk continuum based on daily alcohol intake for individuals who choose to drink alcohol, to help reassess our relationship to alcohol. 

Thank you, CCSA, for developing and sharing this updated guidance. It will save lives.

Please read CPAC’s statement of support here