New Era of Radiology

New Era of Radiology

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RealTime Medical is a team of proven innovators in breakthrough radiology solutions serving physicians and healthcare providers.

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Since 2008, RealTime Medical (RTM) has served the radiology community as a leading provider of software and radiology collaboration services. The RTM radiology software platform, developed by clinicians, utilizes advanced AI to deliver optimal workflow, workload balancing and first-of-a-kind multi-dimensional peer learning, delivering efficiency and quality improvements that advance patient care while reducing physician burnout. RTM software has been licensed by organizations including Accenture, GE Healthcare, and Agfa Healthcare.

"As innovators, our single integration, workload balancing and orchestration layer have positioned us well to integrate a historically fragmented radiology reality, into a high-efficiency DI operations platform, take advantage of AI and to do so at scale" -Ian Maynard, P. ENG. MSc, MBA, CEO & CO-Founder at RealTime Medical.

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