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Steven Culler - Emory University, Goizueta Business School. Atlanta, GA, US

Steven Culler

Affiliated Associate Professor of Finance | Emory University, Goizueta Business School


A health services researcher explaining the variation in utilization, cost, and outcomes of selected treatments in the Medicare Program.






Episode #14: Dr. Steven D. Culler, Assoc. Professor, Emory University, on the Open Enrollment Period Episode #15: Dr. Steven D. Culler, Assoc. Professor, Emory University, on Open Enrollment & More


Uncovering the Hidden Fallacies of US Healthcare: Making the System Work for You



I am an economist with over 40 years work experience in the healthcare sector as a policy analysis, reimbursement consultant, commercial bank industry analysts, and professor conducting health services researcher. Currently, I am an associate professor of Health Policy and Management in the Rollins School of Public Health. In addition, I have a joint appointment as an Affiliated Associated Professor of Finance and Head of the MBA Concentration in Healthcare at the Goizueta School of Business, Emory University. Prior to joining Emory University, I held worked as a commercial bank loan offers managing a hospital revolving loan pool with loans to over 60 hospitals. In addition, I held health policy and health service research positions at both the American Medical Association and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. In these positions, I conducted health services research in the areas of alternative hospital reimbursement, health care financing, and physician labor supply.

During, my academic career, I have been an author on over 100 empirically based research articles on a broad range of health care topics. My primary health services research agenda has focused on examining the observed variation in the utilization of health care services and their cost by individuals. I have focused these studies on three populations: the elderly, individuals with limited access to the health care system, and individuals with chronic health care diseases. A second line of research includes evaluating the cost effectiveness of selected interventions in multi-year clinical trials, including managing the collection of healthcare cost data and the analytical work associated with estimating the cost effectiveness of the intervention. Finally, I perform a variety of data analytics and statistical analyzes on several large secondary health care administrative and claims databases to develop hospital bench-marking, clinical outcomes monitoring reports, and cost of care reports.

Education (3)

University of Illinois: PhD, Economics 1981

University of Illinois: MA, Economics 1979

The College of Wooster: BA, Economics 1977

Areas of Expertise (2)

US Healthcare Policy

Health Services Research

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Health care experts evaluate the pros and cons of a specialized MBA

Fortune  online


The goal of obtaining a health care MBA should not revolve around specific skills but rather detailed knowledge of American health care, according to Steven D. Culler, associate professor at Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health and Goizueta Business School. “I would argue that in terms of business skills, there’s very little added” from getting a health care–focused MBA, he says. “It’s more about really having the ability to talk about, and understand, how the health care system actually works at different providers and then how certain policies impact the business model for those sectors.”

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ConforMIS Announces the Publication of Clinical and Economic Study Comparing Customized Total Knee Replacement Implants to Off-the-Shelf Total Knee Replacement Implants

Arthroplasty Today  online


Patients treated with customized knee implants had significantly lower adverse event rates and transfusion rates and had a lower average cost care.

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New healthcare emphasis aids busy executives

emorybusiness.com  online


Healthcare is constantly evolving, and staying current can be a challenge. Emory Executive Education is harnessing faculty expertise and industry contacts to offer new programming that enables executives to be responsive to shifts in the field. Recently, JB Kurish, professor in the practice of finance and senior associate dean for executive education, and Susan-Anne MacKenna, director of executive education programs, sat down to talk more about the intersection of healthcare and business. Q: Emory Executive Education is introducing a series of new courses with an emphasis on healthcare. What was the impetus behind this move? Kurish: Clearly, healthcare is an incredibly important, powerful sector that impacts everyone in some way. We knew the topic was ripe for programming and began to talk to colleagues and alumni to delve into the questions: What is happening in a big sense with regulatory and legislative issues, and how are people involved with healthcare impacted by its new and changing environment? MacKenna: As we spoke with people about the changing environment, we realized they were seeking answers to these same questions. In fact, there is a pent-up demand, especially in Atlanta, for more education by those inside healthcare organizations and others who partner with them. Q: Is the new healthcare certificate a result of this demand? MacKenna: Within the healthcare space, there are not many business schools using executive education as a primary delivery model. Some provide a course here or there, but none have created a concentrated, focused certificate series that can provide genuine value. This was a gap we could uniquely and distinctively fill. Kurish: We also know our audience needs flexibility. The courses will be stand alone, with a two-day delivery time, so participants can take one or more without any prerequisites. We will launch our Goizueta Healthcare Certificate courses in early 2017. Instruction is delivered primarily by Steve Culler, associate professor of health policy and management at Rollins School of Public Health with a dual appointment as adjunct associate professor of finance at Goizueta, and Greg Esper 09EMBA, a practicing physician, director of a neurology practice, director of new care models for Emory Healthcare, and a professor at Emory’s School of Medicine with an adjunct appointment at Goizueta.

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