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Dr Muhammad Azmat - Aston University. Birmingham, , GB

Dr Muhammad Azmat

Assistant Professor in Logistics and SCM | Aston University


Dr Azmat's interests include Drone & Drone Swarms, Autonomous & Connected Vehicles, Supply Chain, and Humanitarian Logistics.







Drones and driverless cars could help with Ukraine’s humanitarian crisis




Dr Azmat is a researcher and lecturer at the Department of Engineering Systems and Supply Chain Management at Aston University.

Dr Azmat has hybrid research interests, which fall right in the centre of disruptive technologies, consumer’s perspective and innovative business applications.

He has accomplished international projects with organizations like the Federal Procurement Agency of Austria (BBG), Highway authorities and concessioners like ASFINAG (Austria), AISCAT (Italy), Brisa (Portugal), IBTTA (USA) and Not for Profit Organizations like Kühne Foundation (Switzerland).

The focus of these projects was to identify the potential impact of disruptive technologies of the 21st century like electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, connected vehicles, Mobility 4.0, Logistics 4.0, big data and the internet of things on different business sectors.

He has presented several novel ideas of using these technological advancements in commercial and humanitarian setups, for instance, a combined approach of using autonomous vehicles and drones for greater agility and minimizing time delays due to human involvement during humanitarian relief operation.

Furthermore, some of his recommendations for the future of highways and highway infrastructure is under review for pilot testing and applications.

He has a business and management background, with a PhD in transport, logistics and supply chain management and a Masters in supply chain management from one of Europe’s finest Business universities in Vienna, Austria (accredited by EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA).

He also holds an MBA in Supply Chain Management. Dr. Azmat is an alumnus of the Oxford Leadership Program, Saïd Business School, Transport Study Unit, University of Oxford. There he completed two modules on the Global Challenges in transport, for which he was awarded a scholarship, twice.

Areas of Expertise (8)

Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain

Innovation in Mobility

Supply Chain Management


H Social Sciences (General)


Logistics 4.0

Autonomous and Connected Vehicles

Education (3)

Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU): PhD 2019

Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU): MSc 2015

Iqra University (Karachi): MBA 2013

Media Appearances (2)

How drones are changing war, business and our lives

ABC  online


Drone technology is exceptionally sophisticated and lethal as a weapon of war. But drones are increasingly being adapted for business, agriculture, entertainment and even conservation and wildlife tracking. Expert guests joined Philip Clark to discuss the evolution of drones and their future in our lives. [...] Dr. Muhammad Azmat, Assistant Professor in "Logistics and Supply Chain Management" & Deputy Programme Director at the "College of Engineering and Physical Sciences" at Aston University in Birmingham, U K.

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Drones and driverless cars could help with Ukraine’s humanitarian crisis

The Conversation  online


To access essential supplies, Ukrainian people urgently need assistance from humanitarian and government organisations. But the volatile situation presents a significant risk for humanitarian aid workers to be on the ground. There is, however, one way we could help Ukrainians while minimising the number of additional lives put in jeopardy: by using drones and autonomous vehicles to deliver aid.

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