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Laura Hernandez, J.D. Laura Hernandez, J.D.

Professor of Law | Baylor University

Waco, TX, US

Expert litigator, focusing on immigration law, insurance law, Civil Rights Actions, and separation of Church and State

Baylor DACA Expert Comments Following Trump's Announcement Re: Dreamers Program

Baylor DACA Expert Comments Following Trump's Announcement Re: Dreamers Program 2017-09-05
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Laura Hernandez, J.D.

Baylor Law School Professor Laura Hernandez, J.D., is an expert on DACA and the founder of the Baylor Law Immigration Clinic, which has assisted hundreds of Waco area residents – a number who are Dreamers – with immigration needs. She shared the following statement re: President Trump’s DACA announcement.

“It is unfortunate that President Trump has chosen to withdraw authorization for the DACA program, a hugely successful program that allowed around 800,000 children and young adults to make a meaningful contribution to the country they love. The only country they have known. Moreover, DACA recipients have never threatened national security. Now, it is time for Congress to act to preserve the status of these DACA recipients while giving them a path to legal residency. Congress should resist allowing the Trump administration to use the fate of these ‘Dreamers’ as a bargaining chip for the construction of a wall that brings no greater safety to the United States, but does cost the American taxpayer millions of dollars in unnecessary expense.”


Trump moves to end daca and calls on congress to act

The policy change would affect about 800,000 undocumented immigrants, but the president signaled he will delay ending the program so congress can replace it.