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Louis DeSipio - UC Irvine. Irvine, CA, US

Louis DeSipio

Professor of Chicano/Latino Studies and Political Science | UC Irvine


Louis DeSipio examines how democratic nations incorporate new members, including policymaking in the areas of immigration.



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Louis DeSipio: Latino Voters in the U.S. - UC Irvine Introduction to Race & Ethnicity in Political Science with Louis DeSipio Louis DeSipio: Immigration in Elections - UC Irvine Introduction to American Government with Louis DeSipio Introduction to American Government with Louis DeSipio



Louis DeSipio examines how democratic nations incorporate new members, including policymaking in the areas of immigration and voting rights. He also studies Latino political behavior.

Areas of Expertise (5)

U.S. Electoral Politics


Ethnic Politics

Latino Politics

Latino Studies

Education (3)

University of Texas at Austin: PhD 1993

University of Texas at Austin: MA, Latin American Studies 1984

Columbia University: BA, History 1981

Affiliations (1)

  • American Political Science Association

Media Appearances (14)

Kevin McCarthy’s exit “not unprecedented” after pre-election agreement

Sky News Australia  online


Former US House of Representatives speaker Kevin McCarthy’s exit was not unprecedented as it took 15 separate ballot attempts to elect him, says University of California, Irvine professor [of political science and Chicano/Latino studies] Louis DeSipio. “He agreed to a process whereby any single member could challenge his maintaining the office. Today, somebody took him up on that – and the vote was narrow but it was enough to remove him from the office … I think it is going to be a free-for-all for the next week – and we’ll see who is able to unite much of that caucus.” says DeSipio.

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House Speaker Kevin McCarthy voted out. “What a shock to the system!”

KNX In-Depth  online


KNX In Depth's Rob Archer and Elsa Ramon discuss the House vote to remove Speaker Kevin McCarthy … Louis DeSipio is a political analyst and professor [of political science and Chicano/Latino studies] at UC Irvine. “The Speaker pro temp will have very little power except for sort of procedural power. The real effort will be to identify somebody who wants to assume the speakership right now – and that’s a very difficult challenge for any member of Congress,” says DeSipio. [Starts 9:20]

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U.S. Government Shutdown Deadline Approaches

Sky News Australia  online


Washington D.C. just continues to be a hotbed of political drama. The man – as we just heard – right in the middle of it is House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy. Joining me is Professor Louis DeSipio, professor of political science [and Chicano/Latino studies] at University of California, Irvine … “The responsibility lies with the Republican caucus in the House of Representatives and their inability to agree. In the past, these shutdowns have been a bipartisan affair – generally a President of one party and a House of Congress controlled by the other party – this one is all Republicans in the House. The Senate is actually looking for a bipartisan temporary solution, at least” says DeSipio.

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Possible government shutdown: Who won’t get paid, which services will stop?

KCRW – Press Play with Madeleine Brand  radio


Republicans in Congress might force the government to shut down when the fiscal year ends on Oct. 1… Joining us to discuss what another shutdown will mean and why this kind of thing keeps happening in our national politics is Louis DeSipio – he’s a political science [and Chicano/Latino studies] professor at UC Irvine… “My strong suspicion is that we’ll have at least a short-term shutdown of the federal government and probably one that lasts into the medium term – a couple of weeks,” says DeSipio.

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Donald Trump ‘taking advantage’ of weak opponent field

Sky News  online


Donald Trump is taking advantage of the “weakness” in his opposing field, says UC Irvine professor of political science Louis DeSipio. His comments come as the former US president campaigns for the 2024 presidential election. “He’s [Trump] not even campaigning very hard at this point, which is a pretty dramatic statement. There will be another Republican presidential debate coming up and that will give an opportunity for somebody to lead the pack though I don’t have high hopes that any of them will be able to do that much better than they did in the first presidential debate,” says DeSipio.

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Should there be a maximum age limit for lawmakers?

KNX News  online


KNX In Depth's Charles Feldman and Brian Ping discuss whether there should be a maximum age limit on lawmakers. Louis DeSipio is a political science professor at UC Irvine. “You know the Constitution does set some limits on who we can elect. We can’t elect members to the House of Representatives younger than 25 or members of the Senate younger than 30, so it wouldn’t be unreasonable, I think, to have a comparable limit on the other end,” says DeSipio.

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DeSantis Calls for ‘Deadly Force’ Against Suspected Drug Traffickers

The New York Times  online


“The bulk of the proposal is the usual laundry list of Republican talking points that have not been successful, either in Congress or in the court of public opinion,” said [Professor] Louis DeSipio, a political scientist at the University of California, Irvine, citing the idea to end birthright citizenship, among other proposals. “The purpose is probably not a serious policy debate but instead to focus on an issue that is a weakness for Biden and a sensitive one for Trump.”

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Is Senator Dianne Feinstein too sick to serve?

KNX  radio


KNX In Depth's Charles Feldman and Rob Archer discuss whether Senate Dianne Feinstein is much sicker than what we were led to believe. Guest: Louis DeSipio, political science professor at UC Irvine. “Her vote is very critical on much the Senate has to consider over the next few months. Obviously judicial confirmations have been the one because she serves on the Judiciary Committee. But also hopefully there will be some resolution to the debt limit and lots of budget negotiations. In a nearly evenly divided Senate, her vote is critical and it’s not clear that she has the capabilities on every given day to be able to judge what’s best for the state of California.”

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How might district-based elections change voting in Irvine?

The Orange County Register  online


“Irvine has long been unique in Orange County,” said Louis DeSipio, a UC Irvine professor of political science and Chicano/Latino studies. “It’s a little bit more progressive than some of its surrounding communities.” And voters in Irvine, DeSipio said, have demonstrated they are willing to vote for a candidate – regardless of their race – “when they think that person will represent their interests.” Without a racial polarization in voting, DeSipio said he doesn’t think shifting to by-district elections will not increase or decrease minority representation.

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Orange County was the heart of California conservatism. Now it’s up for grabs.

POLITICO  online


“For the foreseeable future, it will be competitive and a place either party can win if they invest their resources and identify the right candidates,” said Louis DeSipio, a professor in political science and Chicano/Latino studies at UC Irvine.

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20 Western Hemisphere nations sign Los Angeles Declaration on migrants despite key absences

Los Angeles Times  online


Louis DeSipio, a political science [and Chicano/Latino studies] professor at UC Irvine with expertise in immigration, said the declaration’s labeling of migration as a regional challenge and responsibility is important both symbolically and substantively. … “President Biden’s support here is primarily financial, but several Latin American leaders are making substantive contributions by creating new migration opportunities,” DeSipio said. “Over time, if these early efforts are successful … this could create the foundation for more routine labor migration within the Americas, or at least South America.”

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Orange County election results: Spitzer reelected as DA, Supervisor seat headed for runoff

KTTV  online


UC Irvine political science professor Louis DeSipio said it appears the electorate was "pro incumbency in some cases — Spitzer a little more than Porter."

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Orange County Democrats celebrate recall victory as Republicans look to the future

Spectrum News 1  online


“The Republicans had an opportunity because of the pandemic and because of some of the personal failings of Gavin Newsom, and they failed to capitalize,” said Louis DeSipio, a political science professor at the University of California, Irvine. “And I think they face a harder road in 2022 than they otherwise would.”

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‘Do not come’: Kamala Harris’ three words to Guatemalans stir debate and backlash

Los Angeles Times  online


The rise of child migrants stretched the ability to safely detain and shelter them, especially since the Trump administration had dismantled much of that infrastructure. This led to reports of overcrowding and squalid conditions. That situation has left a “big blemish” on an otherwise successful first few months in office for the Biden administration, said Louis DeSipio, a political science professor at UC Irvine.

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