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Michael Bond - Verold. Toronto, ON, CA

Michael Bond Michael Bond

Senior Developer & Project Manager | Verold

Toronto, ON, CANADA

Now you'll really see something! Verold's Senior Developer and game industry veteran is set to grab the controls of your next event





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In my 8 years in the game industry, I’ve taken on many roles as a developer and I’ve always welcomed new challenges and new experiences. I’ve worked as a programmer, a designer, a technical artist, a manager and, sometimes, all of them at once.

No matter what my role, I strive to create something that is true to the vision of the product and that players will ultimately enjoy. I will always dedicate myself to creating products that are not only commercially successful but that are genuinely remarkable as well.

Industry Expertise (7)

IT Services/Consulting

Information Technology and Services

Computer Gaming

Media Production

Computer Software


Media - Online

Areas of Expertise (5)

Digital Technologies for Gaming

Animation Applications for Gaming

Content Development and Immersive Technologies

Online Gaming

Game Development

Accomplishments (1)

Senior Developer & Project Manager – Verold (professional)


Verold is a start-up Canadian company that provides tools which significantly reduce the time as well as cost of creating 3D content for augmented reality, video games, interactive media and web content. The Verold Studio allows CG artists to showcase and experience 3D projects together in real-time, collaborative spaces. The Verold Studio is the foundation of a web-based platform that brings together artists, programmers and consumers.

Education (1)

University of Waterloo: BMath, Honours Computer Science, Computer Science 2003


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  • Corporate Training


*Will consider certain engagements for no fee