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Verold Inc. is a start-up Canadian company that provides tools which significantly reduce the time as well as cost of creating 3D content for augmented reality, video games, interactive media and web content. Verold enables you to simply and collaboratively create and experience 3D content. Our first product on the market, the Verold Studio allows CG artists to showcase and experience 3D projects together in real-time, multi-user collaborative spaces. The Verold Studio is the foundation of a web-based platform that brings together artists, programmers and consumers. Verold Studio makes 3D content universally accessible, enabling richer experiences across a range of areas. This includes gaming, geographic applications, marketing, art, and education. QRemesher will soon be released as a plugin for zBrush. QRemesher is a tool that will simplify the complex and expensive process of preparing 3D sculptures for real-time use. QRemesher demonstrates our roots and experience in geometry processing. The Verold solution vastly reduces the time required to create ready-to-animate 3D content for media consumption, such as games, web-content, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) worlds and film. Verold's mission is to enable you to simply and collaboratively create and experience 3D content on the web.



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Michael Bond

Michael Bond

Senior Developer & Project Manager

Now you'll really see something! Verold's Senior Developer and game industry veteran is set to grab the controls of your next event

Online Gaming Game Development Digital Technologies for Gaming Animation Applications for Gaming Content Development and Immersive Technologies

Zelimir Fedoran

Zelimir Fedoran

Software Engineer

Don't hack your way through a field of IT speakers when the only hardware you need is Verold's Software Engineer and game enthusiast

Game Engine Architecture Web Development Javascript Game Development

Ross McKegney

Ross McKegney


Web Platforms, Business Design, WebGL / Web 3D

Software Development E-Commerce Cloud Computing Product Management It Strategy Entrepreneurship Strategic Planning Webgl Three.Js Web Design

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  • Animation
  • Audio Visual
  • Computer Gaming
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