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Mitchell Schare - Hofstra University. Hempstead, NY, US

Mitchell Schare Mitchell Schare

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Professor of Psychology and Director of the Phobia & Trauma Clinic






Virtual Reality Therapy: HU Office Hours with Mitch Schare and Tiffany Bruder Phobia and Trauma Clinic



Dr. Mitchell Schare, holds the rank of Professor of Psychology and directs Hofstra's Phobia & Trauma Clinic, a training and research facility staffed by PhD candidates in Clinical Psychology. Dr. Schare completed his doctorate in Clinical Psychology with specializations in anxiety disorders treatment, substance abuse behaviors, and sexual dysfunction therapy at the State University of New York ­Binghamton in 1985 following an internship at the Brown University Medical School Consortium in Providence, R.I.

He is a board certified behavior therapist by the American Board of Cognitive & Behavioral Psychology and the American Board of Professional Psychology. He is a scientist-practitioner who has been with the university since 1986.

Dr. Schare is an expert in the areas of anxiety disorder treatment and addictions. Regarding anxiety disorders, Dr. Schare mentors doctoral students and researches in the specialty area of exposure therapy for the treatment of phobias and traumatic reactions such as PTSD. His exposure studies include imaginal, in-vivo, and the most technologically advanced computer assisted procedures of virtual reality exposure therapy. (See www.Hofstra.edu/phobia for more information on the Phobia & Trauma Clinic and a listing of associated research.) Additionally Dr. Schare maintains research involving the substances recognized as the most prevalent in our daily lives: nicotine, caffeine and alcohol. More specifically he is interested in the role of expectation in the initiation and maintenance of substance use, the use of motivational techniques to bring about cigarette use cessation and the interface between caffeine consumption and disordered eating patterns.

He has published more than 30 articles and chapters in scientific journals and books and has presented more than 125 professional papers and workshops both nationally and internationally, maintaining regular contacts with colleagues in Greece, Russia, Taiwan, Romania and India.

Industry Expertise (2)

Mental Health Care Health and Wellness

Areas of Expertise (6)

Emotional Aftermath of Traumatic Events Anxiety Disorders Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Psychology Substance Abuse Disorders Virtual Reality Exposure to treat PTSD, Fear of Flying, Public Speaking, and Other Phobias

Education (3)

SUNY Binghamton: PhD 1985

SUNY Binghamton: MA 1982

SUNY Stony Brook University: BA 1978

Affiliations (4)

  • Association for Behavioral & Cognitive Therapies
  • American Psychological Association
  • New York State Psychological Association
  • Council of University Directors of Clinical Psychology

Media Appearances (2)

Clinic At Hofstra University Helps Patients Overcome Fear Of Flying



About 20 million Americans have a fear of flying, but a clinic at Hofstra University is using virtual reality to help people overcome those fears.

The advanced computer system at Hofstra’s Phobia and Trauma Clinic immerses the phobic patient into real-life flying situations — an approach Dr. Mitchell Schare says has proven success.

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Flight Simulator Helps Cure Fear of Flying



At Hofstra University’s virtual reality lab, a computer program that replicates the entire airport experience, the sights, the sounds and the fear, is now being used to help people who are afraid of flying. (Published Tuesday, Apr 7, 2009)

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