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Giacomo Negro - Emory University, Goizueta Business School. Atlanta, GA, US

Giacomo Negro

Professor of Organization & Management and Professor of Sociology (by courtesy); Associate Dean for Culture and Inclusion | Emory University, Goizueta Business School




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Emerging Trends in the $450 Billion Wine Industry



Giacomo Negro joined the Goizueta Business School faculty in 2008. He previously taught at the Durham Business School (UK) and Bocconi University (Italy), and was a visiting scholar at various institutions including Stanford University and UCLA. Negro holds a PhD in management from Bocconi University, where he also received a Laurea degree in economics and business.

Education (2)

Bocconi University, Milan, Italy: PhD, Management 2004

Bocconi University, Milan, Italy: Laurea (BA), Economics and Business 1998

Summa cum Laude

Areas of Expertise (3)

Organization Theory

Economic Sociology

Cultural and Creative Industries

Publications (5)

Organizational Failure and Intraprofessional Status Loss

Organization Science

2015 We examine variation in intraprofessional status changes for employees displaced by organizational failure. We propose that failure-related reductions in bargaining power are moderated by individual status characteristics that influence potential employers’ evaluations of job candidates and, therefore, individuals’ status loss risks.

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Category Signaling and Reputation

Organization Science

2014 We propose that category membership can operate as a collective market signal for quality when low-quality producers face higher costs of gaining membership. The strength of membership as a collective signal increases with the sharpness of the category boundary, that is, contrast...

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Resource Partitioning and the Organizational Dynamics of “Fringe Banking”

American Sociological Review

2014 We examine the emergence and proliferation of payday lenders, fringe businesses that provide small short-term, but high-cost loans. We link the organizational dynamics of these businesses to two trends in consumer lending in the United States: the continuing consolidation of mainstream financial institutions; and the expansion of such institutions in the provision of financial services regarded as similar to payday loans...

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Challenger Groups, Commercial Organizations, and Policy Enactment: Local Lesbian/Gay Rights Ordinances in the United States from 1972 to 2008

American Journal of Sociology

2013 Drawing on theories of social movements and organizations, the authors examine how the expanding presence of commercial organizations and the growing diversity of their forms foster policy change securing rights for a group of challengers. In particular, they suggest that these organizations can operate as bridges and can signal the legitimacy of the group in a community...

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Hybrids in Hollywood: a study of the production and performance of genre-spanning films

Industrial and Corporate Change

2012 Research suggests there are significant market penalties for organizations that do not conform to category boundaries in their product offerings. Yet, organizations continue to span categories despite these risks. In this study, we shed insight into why by examining factors that shape the attractiveness of producing hybrid (i.e. category-spanning) products...

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Research Spotlight

In the News (3)

Commentary: Chicago is right to study whether gay-owned businesses should get contract set-asides

Chicago Tribune  online


Giacomo Negro and co-author Mahesh Somashekhar of the University of Illinois at Chicago examine concerns about fraud if the city of Chicago implements contract set-asides for gay and transgender business owners and explain how the benefits vastly outweigh that risk.

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Understanding the scholarly inquiry of Giacomo Negro

Emory Business  online


While many academics might pick one industry on which to laser focus their studies, Negro develops an understanding of the sociological and economic context he studies but seeks some more general links that may be common across a wider variety of settings, whether it’s wine producers, payday lenders, or actors and actresses in the film industry...

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Do Prestigious Law Degrees Really Matter?

Inside Higher Ed  online


Do prestigious law degrees really matter? Yes, according to a new study from Chris Rider, assistant professor of business strategy at Georgetown University, and Giacomo Negro, associate professor of organization and management at Emory University...

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