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Rosanna Perotti - Hofstra University. Hempstead, NY, US

Rosanna Perotti Rosanna Perotti

Professor, Department of Political Science | Hofstra University


Professor Perotti's expertise is in American politics, including Congress, elections and political parties.




Rosanna Perotti Publication Rosanna Perotti Publication Rosanna Perotti Publication




Political Science Internships at Hofstra University Summer Pre-College Program: Dr. Rosanna Perotti




Dr. Perotti has taught courses including The Media and Politics, American Politics, The Clinton Presidency, Political Parties and the Voter, and Public Opinion and Political Communication. She was heavily involved in planning and publishing the proceedings of two Presidential Conferences at Hofstra University: on the presidency of George H. W. Bush (1997), and the presidency of Bill Clinton (2005).

Dr. Perotti has served on the program committees of the New York State, Northeast, and American Political Science Associations. She has authored journal articles and conference papers and chaired panels on U.S. immigration policy, student political participation and civic engagement, pedagogy in political science and women and politics.

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American Politics


Media and Politics

American Political Parties

American Elections

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University of Pensylvania: Ph. D., Political Science 1989

Point Park College: B.A., Political Science 1982

Media Appearances (5)

In Final Stretch, Millennials Hardly Impressed With Their Candidates

Voice of America  online


“They are more interested in the economy and what's going to happen for them” said Rosanna Perotti, Chair of Hofstra University’s Department of Political Science. “They would like to see something done with the environment. They are tired of arguing whether or not global warming is manmade. It's just beside the point for them. It's their world and they are going to inherit it.”

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Showman Trump and Wonkish Clinton Race to Lower Debate Expectations

WJLA-ABC7 - Washington, DC  tv


At this point, however, what the candidates and campaigns say to pre-spin their performance may not have much effect. “These candidates are such well known quantities publicly that I think it must be hard to alter any expectations about their performance,” Rosanna Perotti, chair of the Department of Political Science at Hofstra, said.

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Clinton Secures Delegates to be Presumptive Nominee

FOX5-NY  tv


"Bernie Sanders has always been a 'shaker-up-er', she hasn't been. She's always been part of the establishment," Dr. Perotti said. He doesn't have the institutional incentives that she had in 2008 to .... step aside..."

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'Gun Lady' Carolyn McCarthy finally going home

USA Today  online


Her moderate voting record suited a divided district. She won solid marks from both the liberal Americans for Democratic Action and the conservative U.S. Chamber of Commerce. She voted against a partial-birth abortion ban, and for a Republican resolution backing the war in Iraq. She never lost her unsullied image, even after she told The New York Times that after six years in Washington, "I am a politician now.'' "She was a lay person who sent a powerful message,'' says Rosanna Perotti, a political scientist at Hofstra University on Long Island. "'This is not a closed game.'''

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Democratic Debate Analysis

FIOS 1 News  tv


Professor of Political Science Rosanna Perotti sat down with Fios 1 News’ CJ Papa to discuss the highlights of the third round of Democratic primary debates.

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Articles (2)

Employer Sanctions and the Limits of Negotiation

The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science

1994 This article provides an overview and assessment of the implementation of the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) of 1986, the major U.S. law intended to curb illegal migration. Enforcement of employer sanctions, protection against possible discrimination linked to employer sanctions, and legalization of alien workers are considered. IRCA should be viewed as a first step in coping with illegal immigration, but much more will have to be done to achieve an optimal balance between hospitality and control...

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IRCA's Antidiscrimination Provisions: What Went Wrong?

The International Migration Review

1992 After negotiating for fifteen years, why couldn't Congress build into its major illegal immigration bill adequate safeguards against new national origin and citizenship discrimination? One answer lies in the process through which Congress and interest group advocates negotiated IRCA's verification and redress provisions, the bill's main protections against discrimination. This essay concludes that, although it was foreseen that discrimination problems might arise from IRCA's "existing documents" verification provisions, members of Congress still agreed on these provisions to avoid difficult political questions.

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