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Sean Colins Sean Colins

Founding Member | CoreQuick

Beverly Hills, CA, UNITED STATES

Entertaining and informative speaker Sean Colins excels at delivering that "Aha!" moment to people learning about Apple technology.



Sean Colins was involved with Mac OS X, Mac OS X Server, and related technologies before they were released to the public. He is the founder and lead consultant of CoreQuick LLC, an Apple consulting company that specializes in Apple's server and networking products. In addition to running his consulting business, Sean has done several titles for, and he has been a speaker at Macworld, conferences, and private user group meetings all around the world. Sean is the curriculum GodFather for MacTech InDepth and MacTech BootCamp. More information about Sean can be found at the CoreQuick LLC web site.

Industry Expertise (3)

Computer/Network Security

Computer Hardware

Business Services

Affiliations (5)

  • Apple Inc.
  • MacTech BootCamp
  • MacTech Indepth
  • Aerohive