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Seiji Takaku, PhD - Soka University. Aliso Viejo, CA, US

Seiji Takaku, PhD Seiji Takaku, PhD

Professor of Psychology | Soka University


Professor Takaku's research interests focus on cross-cultural examinations of people's apology (and excuse)-giving behavior





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Dr. Seiji Takaku joined Soka University of America in 2002 as a Professor of Psychology. Before joining the faculty at SUA, he was an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at Minnesota State University. He received his B.A. with magna cum laude from UCLA, his M.A. from California State University, Long Beach, and his Ph.D. from Claremont Graduate University. His dissertation on a cross-cultural examination of forgiveness won the Arthur H. Brayfield Dissertation Award for the ‘Most Meritorious Dissertation in Psychology' in 2000.

Dr. Takaku's research interests focus on cross-cultural examinations of people's apology (and excuse)-giving behavior, interpersonal forgiveness, and various strategies involved in interpersonal/inter-group conflict resolutions. He published several articles and book chapters on these topics. Currently, he has also started working on a new research program with his former students investigating cultural influences on eye-witness memory.

In his spare time, he enjoys reading good books, playing golf, and giving private batting lessons to local little league baseball players. He served as the manager of Aliso Viejo Little League All Stars team for the last two years and took the team to the state championship both times. He resides in Aliso Viejo with his wife Kiko, his twin boys, Max and Leo, who play baseball at Aliso Niguel High School, and an adorable pet dog “Kokoro” (a Maltese/Yorkie mix).

Areas of Expertise (4)

Sport Psychology

Motivation Theories in Psychology

Social Psychology

Cross-Cultural Research on Apology and forgiveness

Accomplishments (2)

Professor of the Year Award (professional)

2010 Soka University

Recipient of the Arthur H. Brayfield Most Meritorious Dissertation of the Year Award (professional)

2000 Claremont Graduate University

Education (3)

Claremont Graduate University: Ph.D., Applied Social Psychology

California State University: M.A., Psychology

University of California: B.A., Psychology

Articles (3)

Apology and account giving

In K. Ohbuchi (Ed.), Psychology of Conflict, Aggression, and Justice

Takaku, S.


Cross-national examination of the perpetrator–victim account estimation bias as a function of different types of accounts

Asian Journal of Social Psychology

Seiji Takaku, Jeffrey D. Green, Ken-Ichi Ohbuchi

2010 Abstract: In two cross-national studies, we investigated the existence of a perpetrator–victim account estimation bias and how this bias can be reduced or eliminated when estimating the perpetrator's use of a mixed account; that is, an account in which the perpetrator not only apologizes but also explains mitigating and justifiable circumstances. Japanese and American participants took either the perspective of the perpetrator or the victim and estimated the likelihood of the perpetrator's use of each account. The results supported our hypothesis in both national samples. The implications of the bias and the role of the mixed account in reducing it are discussed.

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A cross-cultural study on victim's responses to apology in interpersonal and intergroup conflicts

Tohoku Psychologica Folia

Ohbuchi Ken-ichi, Atsumi Emi, Takaku Seiji


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