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Soka University is a private, non-profit, four-year liberal arts college and graduate school located on 103-acres in the City of Aliso Viejo.



Experts (19)

Deike Peters, PhD

Deike Peters, PhD

Assistant Professor of Environmental Planning and Practice

Professor Peters focuses on urban megaprojects, especially the successful (re-)development and (re-)design of major rail stations

Green urbanism environmental design and biophelic cities European Urbanism vs. North American “New Urbanism” Gender dimensions of transportation and mobility (High-speed) rail station redevelopment and redesign Environmental and social impacts of urban tourism Urban environmental justice movements Environmentally responsible and socially equitable urban planning and policy Controversies over urban infrastructure megaprojects “Right to the city” and (anti-)gentrification debates Sustainable transportation and mobility Bicycle and pedestrian advocacy Comparative international urbanization Urbanization challenges in the Global South Planning theory and pedagogy

John Kehlen

John Kehlen

Lecturer of Asian Literature

Professor John Kehlen focuses on comparative poetics between Greek tragedies and Japanese Noh theater

Chinese Literature Greek drama Japanese Theatre Translation

Michael Weiner, PhD

Michael Weiner, PhD

Professor and Assistant Dean of Faculty

Professor of East Asian History and International Studies, Associate Dean of Faculty and Director of Faculty Research and Development.

Race Ethnicity and Migration in Modern and Imperial Japan Japan's Minorities Economic and Social History of Modern Japan

Seiji Takaku, PhD

Seiji Takaku, PhD

Professor of Psychology

Professor Takaku's research interests focus on cross-cultural examinations of people's apology (and excuse)-giving behavior

Cross-Cultural Research on Apology and forgiveness Social Psychology Motivation Theories in Psychology Sport Psychology

James Williams, PhD

James Williams, PhD

Professor of Rhetoric and Linguistics

Professor Williams examines education using Baudrillard's perspective on consumerism and simulacra

Clasical Rhetoric Psycholinguistics Assessment Neoliberalism Higher Education Writing Pedagogy Cognition Syntax Education Policy

Gail E.  Thomas, PhD

Gail E. Thomas, PhD

Professor of Sociology

Professor Thomas is a sociology professor who specializes in the analysis of higher education.

Mentoring and Empowering Youth Race Class and Gender Differences in Educational Access and Outcomes Education and Status Attainment Effective Education for Diverse Learners and At Risk Youth Race and Gender Relations

Sarah England, PhD

Sarah England, PhD

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Professor England focuses on gender, sexuality, and violence in Central America

Hondouras Immigration From Latin America Guatemala Violence Gender Sexuality Central America Race and Racism in Latin America and The Caribbean The Detention and Deportation Regime Trinidad

Bryan E. Penprase, PhD

Bryan E. Penprase, PhD


Professor Penprase is Dean of Faculty and Professor of Science.

Quasar Absorption Line Spectroscopy Archaeoastronomy Observational Astrophysics Astrophysics Astronomy Liberal Arts and Higher Education in Asia Cultural Astronomy Type Ia Supernovae

Edward M.  Feasel, PhD

Edward M. Feasel, PhD

Vice President for Academic Affairs, Chief Academic Officer, Professor of Economics

Professor Feasel is responsible for academic affairs at Soka University.

Foreign Aid Economic Growth Economic outcomes and societal values Foreign aid international trade and foreign direct investment Orange County Economy Economics Academic Administration

Shane Barter, PhD

Shane Barter, PhD

Associate Professor of Comparative Politics

Professor Barter focuses on Southeast Asian politics, Civilians in war, as well as autonomous areas and conflict resolution

Minorities Separatism Indonesia Conflict Resolution Southeast Asia Civil War Democratization Thailand Islam

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