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At Muse®, we live at the heart of personal transformation through human-centred technology. We are a team of engineers, scientists, artists, marketers and developers with the mission to enable people to live a happier, healthier and more connected life with leading brainwave technologies and experiences. In 2014, we launched Muse® the brain sensing headband, the first widely available consumer tool to provide users with real-time feedback on their meditation state using auditory cues. Since then, the company has sold more portable EEG devices than any other system in history. With company growth also came hundreds of thousands of Muse® users, millions of meditation sessions completed to date, hundreds of third-party published research papers that feature Muse®, and the acquisition of Colorado-based company, Meditation Studio, whose assets include more than 400 guided meditations and courses from leading meditation teachers. Following these milestones, we set out to create the next generation in EEG technology — a revolutionary product with the ability to make the intangible inner world of meditators... tangible. The result is Muse® 2: a completely new product and experience in the world of meditation and neurotechnology. Muse® 2 is a personal meditation assistant that takes the guesswork out of meditation. We’ve introduced a whole new range of real-time feedback on a user’s meditation practice, including body movement, heart rate, breath and mental activity. This feedback guides users’ total meditation experience, giving them a holistic view of their practice and helping them improve. Welcome to the world of Muse®, where we make the intangible...tangible.



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Ariel Garten

Ariel Garten

Founder and Chief Evangelist Officer

Global speaker, female tech founder, and expert in brain, neuroscience, psychotherapy, entrepreneurship, innovation, and women in business.

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