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Lew Lim and his colleagues invented intranasal light therapy (or “photobiomodulation”) as a non-invasive method to introduce therapeutic photonic energy into the human body in California in 1995. The research and development continued under MedicLights Research Inc in the 2000’s before Vielight Inc was founded to commercialize the invention.

The research data in the field of photomedicine is growing and promising. However, photomedicine requires science combined with engineering creativity to make it accessible for use in everyday life.



Experts (27)

John Mitrofanis, PhD

John Mitrofanis, PhD

Professor, Anatomy, School of Medical Sciences

Neuroscience expert, revolutionizing neuroprotection to dopaminergic cells in Parkinson's disease

Neuroanatomy Parkinson's Disease Neuroscience Neuroprotection Head and Neck Anatomy

Linda Chao, PhD

Linda Chao, PhD

Professor, Radiology

Biomedical imaging expert, with a penchant for neuropsychology

Spectroscopic Imaging Post-traumatic stress disorder Cognitive Neuroscience Attention Neurodegenerative disorders Magnetic Resonance Imaging Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Rox Anderson, MD

Rox Anderson, MD

Professor of Dermatology

Dr. Richard Anderson is a dermatologist in Boston, Massachusetts and is affiliated with Massachusetts General Hospital.

Photomedicine Laser Hair Removal Photodynamic Therapy Free Electron Laser Therapy Photothermosis Human Skin Photobiology Tissue Optics Laser-Tissue Interactions

Fredric Schiffer, MD

Fredric Schiffer, MD

Research Associate, Developmental Biopsychiatry Research Program, McLean Hospital | Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Psychiatry and neurology expert, focusing on empathic treatment for patients suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma and addictions

Dual-Brain Psychology Developmental Biopsychiatry Psychiatry Drug Addiction Treatment

Anita Saltmarche

Anita Saltmarche

Senior Health Care Consultant

Gerontology expert, focusing on clinical research and consultation

Medical Devices Nursing Gerontology Clinical Research Laser & Light Therapy

James  Carroll

James Carroll

Founder, CEO

James Carroll is Founder & CEO of THOR Photomedicine and an acknowledged world expert on the effect of light on cellular function.

Photomedicine Lasets and Human Cellular Function Wearable Devices

Peter Adams

Peter Adams

Vice President

Innovation commercialization, Innovation acquisition, innovation community creation

Neurological Technology Mobile Health Technologies Healthcare Efficiency and Technology Healthcare 2.0 Life Sciences Healthcare Innovation Healthcare Funding Alzheimer's Disease International Market Development Strategy