How Academics need to change their messaging

How Academics need to change their messaging How Academics need to change their messaging

October 1, 20151 min read

Dr. Kristal Brent Zook's article in The Guardian underscores the growing need for faculty experts to more effectively communicate with the media.

Our experts are available to speak with media on a range of topics related to this story.

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"This is an issue that is very much related to the changing role of faculty in institutions. Our research shows there is an incredible opportunity for schools to better promote their academic research by helping media tell their story."

- Tom Carter

"While many faculty are becoming more attuned to the need to communicate their work beyond peer-reviewed journals, there are still many on the campus who lack both the attitude and the skills necessary to effectively translate their research to the media."

- Meaghan Wright


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  • Tom Carter
    Tom Carter Consultant

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  • Meagan Aisling
    Meagan Aisling Senior Strategist

    Senior strategist and experienced entrepreneur who is shifting the way people think about marketing innovation.

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    Martin Davis Consultant

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