A Party Divided - Will Infighting Lead to a Government Shutdown in Washington Friday?

A Party Divided - Will Infighting Lead to a Government Shutdown in Washington Friday?

April 25, 20172 min read

President Donald Trump will celebrate 100 days in office Saturday. But one day shy of that milestone, he may see Washington and the rest of America’s government grind to a halt.

But with Republicans controlling Congress, the Senate and the Presidency – a standoff of this nature seems almost impossible. There is almost guaranteed to be negative consequences publicly and financially – and to follow it through just doesn’t make any political sense.

So why? Is it President Trump’s demand for a funded wall that he promised to be built along the Mexican border? Are there left-over aspects to the Affordable Care Act that have some members of the GOP divided? Other issues that have the GOP at a boiling point?

Or, is there a way out so each side can make a point but save face in the end?

Politics is seldom simple and almost always confusing. That’s where the experts from Augusta University can help.

Dr. William Hatcher is the director of the Master of Public Administration program and an associate professor of political science. He is an expert in politics, policy and the relationships between different levels of government.

Dr. Craig Albert is an assistant professor of political science and an expert in American politics and political philosophy.

Both are excellent speakers, have experience with all forms of national and local news organizations and are available to speak to media regarding this latest development in Washington. Click on Dr. Hatcher or Dr. Albert's icon to arrange an interview.


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  • Craig Albert, PhD
    Craig Albert, PhD Professor of Political Science and Graduate Director of the Master of Arts in Intelligence and Security Studies

    Dr. Craig Albert focuses on national security, cyberconflict, ethnic conflict, and political thought.

  • William Hatcher, PhD, MPA
    William Hatcher, PhD, MPA Chair of the Department of Social Sciences

    Dr. William Hatcher focuses on public administration and social, economic and political institutions in local communities.

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