Higher Education - A matter of national security?

Higher Education - A matter of national security?

June 22, 20172 min read

With increasingly sophisticated and widespread cyberattacks in the news, what role must higher education play in developing the future cyber workforce?

Located at the center of federal cybersecurity assets, the city of Augusta is already growing into a global cyber hub. Now, a new school at Augusta University will prepare the next generation of cyber professionals — right here in Augusta.

Augusta University President Brooks Keel announced a new School for Computer and Cyber Sciences that will provide opportunities for students to work with the state cybersecurity professionals. The announcement comes just days after breaking ground on a new state-owned 168,000-square-foot, $60 million cyber innovation and training center at Augusta University's Riverfront Campus.

"With hands-on research and internship opportunities not found anywhere else, we have the opportunity to revolutionize cybersecurity education in Georgia and make Augusta a leading hub for cybersecurity innovation," Keel said of the new statewide effort, dedicated to develop the workforce and infrastructure needed to protect our nation from cyberthreats.

Augusta University's new school launches July 1, but will move into the Hull McKnight Georgia Cyber Innovation and Training Center upon completion in 2018.

"The school will benefit more than 300 current computer science and information technology students, who will have the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with industry, the departments of industry and defense, and state cybersecurity professionals and tech startups," Keel said.

How else is Augusta University responding to the need to develop highly skilled, technical workers? How can academia, government and industry partner to develop educational opportunities that are critical to enhancing the nation's cybersecurity?

Dr. Brooks Keel is available for interviews on the future of cybersecurity education. Click on his icon to arrange an interview.


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