A Dream Team or a Star Struck Idea?

A Dream Team or a Star Struck Idea?

May 7, 20181 min read

There’s a rumour going around that President Donald Trump is being joined by very popular people, both who aren’t afraid of courting controversy themselves - to attend a Summit on Race.

Yes. If there ever were three vastly varied high-profiled people who were as equally different as they are famous it might well be Colin Kaepernick, Kanye West and Donald Trump.

It’s a right trio out of a reality show or a skit on Saturday Night Live.

Right now, it’s a rumour – but it is getting some traction online and in the media.

No one has commented officially apart from Cleveland-based pastor Darrell Scott, an outside adviser to President Trump. He seems to be leading the charge to make this a reality.

So, could this happen? Should this happen?

For Trump it would be a slam-dunk. For West it’s more promotion for an upcoming album. But for Kaepernick –is it an off-side considering his very credible efforts to confront discrimination?

Stranger things have happened. And in Donald Trump’s America the opportunity for surprises is ever-present.

Are you looking into this and need to know more? That’s where an expert like Dr. Stephen Farnsworth can help.

Dr. Farnsworth is professor of political science and international affairs at the University of Mary Washington. A published author and a media ‘go-to’ on presidential politics, he is available to speak with media regarding this issue. Simply click on his icon to arrange an interview.


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