New Star Wars, Same Political Landscape?

New Star Wars, Same Political Landscape?

May 24, 20181 min read

There’s been an enormous amount of hype leading into this Friday’s release of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Will the 10th installment of what is the most valuable franchise in film history live up to the lofty expectations of both fans and film executives?

What does this latest epic tell us about current events here on Earth?

The politics of Star Wars has proved to be an enduring fascination to many throughout the past 40 years. Equating current political events to the Star Wars saga is where the experts From the University of Connecticut can help.

Stephen Dyson has dissected the politics of the "Game of Thrones," "Star Trek" and previous editions of "Star Wars." He can "read between the lines" of the movie dialogue and equate on-screen dialogue to what's happening now in the United States.


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  • Stephen Dyson, Ph.D.
    Stephen Dyson, Ph.D. Professor of Political Science

    Stephen Dyson's research is focused upon the psychology of elite decision making in foreign policy.

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