Investor conferences and analyst advantage

Investor conferences and analyst advantage

July 25, 20181 min read

In a research paper, T. Clifton Green, associate professor of finance and doctoral area coordinator, and coauthors Russell Jame 10PhD (U of Kentucky), Stanimir Markov (Southern Methodist U), and Musa Subasi (U of Maryland) focused their investigation on broker-hosted investor conferences to determine their impact on investor research. They studied 68,194 presentations by 4,394 companies at 2,749 investor conferences led by 107 brokerages for the period January 2004 to December 2010. According to the data, Green and his coauthors concluded that brokerage research analysts were more likely to provide better research for firms that participated at their conferences. Conference-hosting brokers were more likely to provide “more informative stock recommendations and more accurate earnings forecasts” than non-hosts. They discovered that firms participating in “broker-hosted investor conferences have a closer relation with the hosting analyst than with non-hosts, resulting in more private interactions (e.g., more company visits and meetings with management) and a continual flow of value-relevant information throughout the sample period.”


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