Former U.S. Attorney Available to Discuss Fallout for Trump Administration in Light of Cohen Plea

Former U.S. Attorney Available to Discuss Fallout for Trump Administration in Light of Cohen Plea

August 22, 20182 min read

Wheaton College Professor David Iglesias, a former U.S. Attorney in New Mexico whose areas of expertise include federal prosecutions, is available for interviews regarding the fallout for the Trump administration in light of Michael Cohen’s guilty plea in federal court on 8 criminal counts, including violation of campaign finance laws.

“President Trump is now in a place few presidents have ever been,” Iglesias says. “At this point, he is basically an unindicted co-conspirator to federal crimes.”

“I wouldn’t call it the beginning of the end, but it’s certainly the end of the beginning.”

Iglesias is an associate professor of politics and law and director of the Wheaton Center for Faith, Politics, and Economics. He can discuss topics including:

-The process of presidential pardons

-How federal prosecutors treat indicted persons who cooperate with information concerning the crimes of other persons, and the quid pro quo for getting an individual to cooperate with law enforcement

-Guilty pleas, hung juries, and sentencing in federal court

-Impeachment (What Iglesias calls “the nuclear option for removing a sitting President of the United States”), the process, and why it has happened so rarely in U.S. history

-Whether a sitting president can be indicted for crimes

-The importance of the rule of law (Why is America the world leader for holding all accountable for their actions? What message is being sent if wealthy and powerful people can avoid criminal exposure for their actions?)

-Watergate as a precedent, and similarities/differences with the current situation

-Rules of federal investigations (How do federal agencies conduct investigations? What is public and what is non-public? Why are prosecutions that are considered "political" so dangerous for law enforcement?)

To request an interview with Professor Iglesias, e-mail Wheaton College Director of Media Relations LaTonya Taylor at


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