Cloudhopper - What is it and should we worry?

Cloudhopper - What is it and should we worry?

October 5, 20181 min read

Earlier this week, the Department of Homeland Security issued a warning that a Beijing based group of hackers -dubbed ‘cloudhopper’ was mounting a potential cyber-attack on American based institutions.

The Chinese government has denied these claims vigorously and stated that China does not support hacking.

So, what is cloudhopper?

What businesses and institutions are most vulnerable?

And does America need to increase its focus on cyber-security and digital threats?

There are a lot of questions – and only a few leading experts who can help explain the situation.

That’s where Cedarville can help.

Dr. Seth Hamman is an assistant professor of computer science at Cedarville. Seth is an expert in cybersecurity education.  Dr. Hamman is available to speak with media – simply click on his icon to arrange an interview.

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  • Seth Hamman, Ph.D.
    Seth Hamman, Ph.D. Director, Center for the Advancement of Cybersecurity and Associate Professor of Cyber Operations and Computer Science

    Dr. Hamman is interested in helping to shape the young and growing discipline of cybersecurity education.

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