Sainthood and the legacy of Oscar Romero in El Salvador

Sainthood and the legacy of Oscar Romero in El Salvador

October 10, 20181 min read

If you’re covering the Canonization of Archbishop Oscar Romero, consider Rick Jones, who’s spent his entire career working on poverty and social justice issues in El Salvador. Rick knows first-hand that Romero’s messages are as relevant and necessary as ever. As he puts it: Changing repressive policies, calling on gangs and organized criminal groups to stop the killing, denouncing human rights abuses and caring for the victims is as urgent today as when Romero was archbishop.

Based in El Salvador for more than 20 years, Rick works closely with the Church in Latin America on justice issues, including migration, internal displacement and youth violence. He understands well the poverty, violence and political divisions that compelled Romero to defend human rights in the face of death threats and even opposition from his colleagues in the Church.  

Oscar Romero was Archbishop of San Salvador until he was brutally assassinated on March 24, 1980 while celebrating Mass in the chapel of the Divine Providence cancer hospital where he lived. More than three decades later he was declared a martyr of the Church, killed out of hatred of the faith, and was beatified on May 23, 2015.

Rick is available to speak with media regarding Romero’s legacy and what his sainthood represents for El Salvador and Latin America. To arrange an interview, simply click on his icon and we will be in touch immediately.  

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