Guinness World Record Holder Jon Bruney To Speak at Biohacker Summit in Toronto

Oct 14, 2018

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(Toronto) Renowned Strongman and Fitness Expert to speak at Spark Biohacker Summit at Metro Toronto Convention Center on October 15th, 2018

Jon Bruney, creator of the “Pressing the Limits” motivational strength program, will appear in Toronto at the Spark Biohacker Conference.  A devoted researcher in the pursuit of finding the edge in performance, Jon will speak about his experience using transcranial and intranasal light therapy.

Jon, one of a number of elite athletes, has been working with Technology developed by Dr. Lew Lim, NMD, MBA and Founder & CEO of Vielight in Toronto. Dr. Lim will be on hand to answer questions about the broad base of international research behind photobiomodulation and what we know so far about it's mechanism.

"With photobiomodulation, you can tap into the secrets of the nervous system, helping your body to push farther, to push harder, to push longer than you ever believed you could."  

Jon Bruney using Vielight photobiomodulation device at his Performance Training Center in Indiana 


Jon Bruney and Dr. Lew Lim, Founder and CEO of Vielight, will be available for questions at the Vielight exhibition booth held alongside the Biohackers Summit.

For one-to-one interviews, please contact Edward D'Mello on 647-865-2803.

Session Details

Monday Oct. 15, 2018    1230PM - 130PM

Metro Toronto Convention Centre

South Building (Hall G)

222 Bremner Boulevard

Toronto, Ontario

M5V 3L9

About John Bruney

John's work with competitive athletes includes Olympians and NFL players. He has been featured in Ripley’s Believe it or Not, The Guinness Book of World Records, shown nationwide on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, The Today Show, ABC’s To Tell the Truth, and TruTv’s Guinness World Records unleashed. A true renaissance man in the realm of strength-development, Jon Bruney is a best-selling author, world-class trainer, coach and motivational speaker.  He is the author of the best-seller Neuro-Mass: The Ultimate System for Spectacular Strength and The Neuro-Grip Challenge: A Radical Program For Building Strength and Power in Your Upper Body. He also writes a training series called “Foundations”, featured in MILO, widely considered the world’s most prestigious strength training journal. Jon has been responsible for the design of numerous pieces of cutting-edge training equipment now in use around the world. Jon is a veteran of multiple trainer certification courses and was the first to achieve the grueling Battling Ropes Level 2 Certified status. He is also the co-owner of Submit Strength equipment.

About the The Biohacker Summit

The Biohacker Summit is the largest biohacking event in the world that connects well-being companies with medical professionals, technology experts, investors, entrepreneurs, health and nutrition enthusiasts, and other pioneers. Biohacking - better living through science, technology and nature - is a fast growing international trend. The aim of the conference is to make the world healthier and happier place, prevent disease, and extend human capabilities and lifespan.

Media Contact

Edward D'Mello

M: 647-865-2803


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