How the Migration Caravan became so large?

How the Migration Caravan became so large?

October 31, 20181 min read

Edith Cruz was sitting at home in central Honduras, scanning Facebook on her phone, when she saw the post about the caravan on a community news page.

It was Oct. 12. She and her cousin had just opened a small business selling tortillas when they were confronted by a gang, threatened with death if they didn’t hand over half of their profits. She looked at the Facebook post: “An avalanche of Hondurans is preparing to leave in a caravan to the United States. Share this!” Within three hours, her bags were packed.

The question of how the migrant caravan began has wound its way to the American midterm elections. President Trump and other Republicans have suggested that Democrats paid migrants to begin the journey. As the group continues to grow, the largest such caravan in recent years, its beginnings are being scrutinized: How did more than 5,000 migrants from across Central America find each other?

As the caravan continues to move toward the United States, Dr. Glen Duerr, associate professor of international studies at Cedarville University, has been following the situation and can provide insight into the caravan and its impact on our election and country, in general.

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    Glen Duerr, Ph.D. Professor of International Studies

    Dr. Deurr's research interests include nationalism and secession, comparative politics, and international relations theory

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