Building a Gateway to Real News in Broadcast Journalism

Building a Gateway to Real News in Broadcast Journalism

December 10, 20193 min read

Long gone are the days when local media were held up as the first and final word on current affairs. It’s safe to say, the world has never experienced such a period of widespread participation in the news generating process. At the same time, we’ve never seen a more prolific inundation of content and voices from so many corners, all striving to reflect their two cents in the final story. This has also resulted in some of our most credible voices with relevant stories struggling to be heard. Why is that? The train may have left the station, but there is a more effective track it can follow before it’s too late.

Video defines the news agenda

One of the most formative trends we are now witnessing is the exponential increase in the amount of video created by local and national news outlets around the world, as well as mainstream contributors – from the general public, to corporations, and interest groups – who are producing video content at a staggering rate. The quality of this content is left to the creator’s standards. In this era of fake news, there has never been a more critical need in broadcast news for credible sources.

Experts: Undiscovered or inaccessible?

Many respected organizations (from research institutions and higher education to think tanks and private sector organizations) maintain significant stockpiles of critical and timely expertise – like research, analysis, and raw data – with which they are challenged to cut through the noise to get into the hands of those who need it.

Broadcast media at all levels, from local to international, continue to play a critical role in getting these stories out. But many legitimate media outlets are facing financial burden and an onslaught of competition for audience against a growing field of alternative news sources.

Ironically, current editorial and newsgathering processes even for the most mature media organizations remain cumbersome. Reporters’ search for information and sources in the field increases as their own numbers dwindle by the day.

As credible news sources continue to battle unqualified viral content, the question remains: What can we do to make real news easier, faster and cheaper to create and deliver?

Building a gateway to credible sources

The secret may just lie in making credible information, broadcast-ready expert sources, and relevant stories more immediately accessible to media.

Today, ExpertFile and Dejero announced that we are partnering to enhance broadcast newsroom access to credible expert sources by making the ExpertFile directory available through Dejero’s LIVE+ Control management system, which leading broadcasters around the world are now using to capture and distribute high quality live news feeds. We’re at the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) show in Las Vegas this week demonstrating this powerful integration with Dejero. Experts on over 25,000 topics will be discoverable directly from the Dejero control panel in newsrooms all over the world. For us, it’s about helping journalists more easily pursue compelling, timely news stories by connecting them to those credible, broadcast-ready experts.

We are focused on building a gateway to the people, content and story ideas that can help define and respond to today’s news agenda. By building the world’s leading search engine and content platform for experts, we’re opening a new chapter with partners such as Dejero to build the bridges and channels to distribute this content to those who need it now…and fast!

Already the response we’re getting from some of the biggest broadcast networks in the world here at NAB2017 is very encouraging. But there’s much more work to be done to help this industry. We look forward to some great conversations. If you are at NAB, please drop by the Dejero booth and say hi or drop us a line.

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