Analog Inaccuracies

Analog Inaccuracies

July 11, 20191 min read

Planet Analog featured, on 25 May 2019, Bill Schweber’s article “What to do about analog inaccuracies?”. Three options were presented: calibrate the sensor; use better parts; if possible, self cancellation.

Circuit Seed is a new platform utilising the Complementary Current injection Field Effect Transistor (CiFET) for processing analog signals using 100% digital components that can be constructed to build any low power analog device. Circuit Seed designs are aligned with all three options presented in the article. Circuit Seed is completely linear, and insensitive to temperature and process variation without correction circuitry that reduce inaccuracies. The build blocks are better parts with low power consumption and low SNR ratio. The CiFET itself uses self cancellation due to the complementary nature of the circuit improving performance. Finally, the designs are less complex thereby requiring less wafer space, fewer BOM which means less cost.

In a recent contribution to Planet Analog, author and engineer Bill Schweber takes a look at the importance of being accurate and even tries to and out just how close is ‘close enough’ when it comes to analog design.

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